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Do you have a gut feeling there is more energy and well-being possible for you to experience in your life, if only you could learn what your body really needs to be healthy?  That intuitive sense that your quality of life could be improved is an important signal that you’re ready to take action, and holistic health coaching can guide you in your journey of transformation! Health and nutrition imbalances may be due to:

  • a recent diagnosis that is directly connected to your gut health – e.g. irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), obesity, depression, or “leaky gut syndrome”
  • a chronic disease that requires following an elimination diet you don’t enjoy or are not familiar with
  • traveling, staying active, or accommodating various dietary needs when someone in the household is on a restricted diet
  • food addiction or reliance on alcohol or sugar to attempt to feel better or manage stress, anxiety, or shame
  • hormonal fluctuations at key transitional times of life impacting weight and mood
  • uncertainty about how to harness mind-body awareness and functional nutrition to support healing and
  • perhaps most commonly, imbalances may be due to systemic lifestyle challenges causing chronic stress and inflammation.

Simply realizing you are ready to feel better is the starting point for your path to healing as you learn to integrate nutrition, mindfulness, and effective stress management into a more balanced lifestyle. It is possible to create energized, serene, fully embodied health through nourishing yourself at every level.  This is a powerful time to transform your health with holistic health coaching that is sensitive and personalized to your challenges – and your strengths!

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