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Lulu Cook, holistic health coaching

Gut Feeling Holistic Health Coaching

Lulu Cook, RDN, is a holistic health coach specializing in gut health, functional nutrition, mindful eating, and anti-inflammatory lifestyles, because these are integral foundations for overall well-being. She knows that you can learn to trust your own gut feelings about what you need to heal, uncover vibrant wellness, and find freedom and joy through food and your body. Lulu provides the expertise, accountability, and encouragement to support you in reaching your goals.

Lulu is a registered dietitian nutritionist and co-author of the best-selling The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners.  She is a contributing wellness expert for Women’s Health and Fitness and Cosmopolitan Australia magazines, as well as for online publications such as MyDeal.com.au, GoodFood.com.au, and BudgetDirect.com.au. She is a contributing author to Your Well-Being, on the subject of mindfulness and meditation for the curious. Lulu will also complete an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited training program to gain her coaching credential in 2018. She adds these skills to her professional expertise in collaborating with wellness teams at companies such as Adobe, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which honed her innovative, systems-oriented approach to health and strengthened her commitment to helping others develop truly sustainable well-being.

While suffering from a chronic digestive disorder herself, Lulu applied a wide-ranging set of complementary and integrated therapeutic approaches to recover her health and energy. This personal experience makes her a knowledgeable, inspirational, and compassionate health coach for others seeking to restore a sense of vitality and well-being, with no judgement or shame regarding nutrition and wellness challenges you may be experiencing.

Integrating Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Daily Life

Because mindset and stress reduction are key aspects of a balanced life, Lulu mentors clients in reaping the benefits of mindfulness to meet the multiple demands of everyday life. She has studied Buddhism for over a decade, training extensively to teach meditation with Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society and Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leaders programs, and she currently serves as a leading teacher at Heart Insight Meditation in Brisbane, QLD. She has taught meditation in Australia, the United States, and India, and she brings this experience to helping clients cultivate their own mindful and body-based insights into truly holistic well-being.

Learning to balance priorities with health, at work, with spiritual practice, in communities, and at home is a journey Lulu understands well.  She knows what it’s like to juggle multiple food preferences in a household, trying to keep inflammatory stress down whilst maintaining a sense of serenity and joy in relation to nourishing body and spirit. Lulu’s background and skill set give her the ability to support you in finding your own balance, with gut, brain, belly, and breath all in alignment.

Holistic Health Coaching with Lulu

Holistic nutrition strategies must be customized if they are to be effective; there is no “one size fits all” diet that will work for everyone. Natural health solutions can transform and elevate your health when they are carefully tailored to your situation and based on relevant science. Low-FODMAP*s, specific carbohydrate diets (SCD), vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean, paleo, detox, intermittent fasting, auto-immune, and keto diet protocols (amongst others) all offer different benefits and drawbacks that you will explore in working with Lulu.

Your sustainable holistic health plan may include:

  • actionable, easy wellness experiments that move you closer to your personal health goals
  • clean, craveable, customized diet plans that build on your preferences, health care concerns, and needs
  • introduction of prebiotic  ingredients into your meals; identification of the most efficacious probiotic supplements if they are indicated
  • natural, food-first strategies that are demonstrated to be effective at restoring gut health, rebalancing hormones, supporting healthy weight ranges, and reducing inflammation
  • mindfulness practices that are flexible enough to rely on in  both quiet moments and traffic jams
  • joyous, lively forms of physical activity and a gameplan on how to sustain that momentum, and
  • developing a repertoire of anti-inflammatory recipes and strategies.

As you work with Lulu to customize your nutrition solutions, you will also begin to build your health foundation in other arenas, such as practicing mindfulness in everyday life, incorporating enjoyable forms of physical activity, and transforming patterns of sleep and creativity, while building authentic relationships. Gut Feeling Holistic Health coaching can help you reach and maintain your own state of vibrant freedom and joy in your body, so reach out and connect with your own health coach today!

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*FODMAPS are fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols, types of carbohydrates that may be difficult for some people to digest.